After posting my tip yesterday on the proper capitalization of nicknames and terms of endearment I got to looking at the post title and knew that it was all wrong. I’ve since fixed it but thought that I would continue with yesterday’s theme and take a look at the proper way to title a blog post.

Apparently, there are lots of rules and styles to choose from when it comes to proper capitalization. If you’re writing a paper for school you should always refer to your institution’s preferred style guide. For those of us in the blogosphere, I’ve found the US Government Printing Office Style Manual was both broad and simple:

3.39. 	All principal words are capitalized in titles of addresses, 
        articles, books, captions, chapter and part headings, 
        editorials, essays, headings, headlines, motion pictures and 
        plays (including television and radio programs), papers, short 
        poems, reports, songs, subheadings, subjects, and themes.

Another easy to remember rule is the ACCP Rule: Do not capitalize articles, coordination conjunctions, or prepositions.

You can also say that all words in a title should be capitalized except for a, an, as, at, by, but, for, in, of, nor, on, the, to & up