Let some worship the Truthful One,

and revere the Northern Constellation,

while others bow before the Buddha and recite sutras.

Yin Chih Wen – The Tract of the Quiet Way

Translation by Teitaro Suzuki & Paul Carus [1906]

Most often when I think of God as portrayed by my Christian upbringing, I picture him on his throne weeping uncontrollably; drowning in tears for the multitudes that have been killed, in His name, by so-called devotees ‘claiming’ only they knew the path to salvation.

Reading The Tract of the Quiet Way this morning I was profoundly humbled by the simplicity of its teachings. No dogma can be found in its pages, just basic truths to guide its reader on their journey through life. You won’t find any mentions of sacrificial sons, burning animal flesh, or jihad. What I found was much simpler, much more powerful and deeply profound: “Let some…”

Wow – Let some worship this way and others like this; Let some believe this way and others like this; Let some live this way and others like this. In today’s climate of hate, divisiveness, partisanship, radicalism, and immigration bans, I can’t think of any lesson the world needs more than this.