Untitled.pngThere in the Pavârika mango grove the Blessed One held that comprehensive religious talk with the brethren on the nature of upright conduct, and of earnest contemplation, and of intelligence. ‘Great is the fruit, great the advantage of earnest contemplation when set round with upright conduct. Great is the fruit, great the advantage of intellect when set round with earnest contemplation. The mind set round with intelligence is freed from the great evils, that is to say, from sensuality, from individuality, from delusion, and from ignorance.’

Mahaparinibbana Sutta 

I’ve been very busy this year and I only expect it to get busier. A number of the goals I’ve set previously have always fallen through the cracks, but this year I’ve determined it is going to be different. Getting it all scheduled, especially for someone who enjoys riding the occasional whim of inspiration is not easy. I’ve not touched a keyboard since Friday afternoon and coming back this beautiful Sunday was far from easy. I still have a leaf-blowing project unfinished from yesterday and grocery shopping to do, so why bother with the rest of it?

Committed, I put on my warm comfy road, made a pot of Java and sat down to find a bit of inspiration for the week, determined to avoid those cracks in the road. As has been the case since I decided to start publicly sharing Roads to Babylon again, my search did not take long. My why bother was answered this morning by the Buddha himself: great rewards.

This line, from the Buddha in the Mahaparinibbana Sutta, struck me specifically poignant since it was this post that I almost skipped writing today: “Great is the fruit, great the advantage of earnest contemplation when set round with upright conduct” – This is why it’s worth bothering.