Congress unveiled their sad solution to the Affordable Care Act with POTUS support this week, and it’s already taking quite the beating. After what, six years and countless votes to repeal the ACA, all they can come up with is Obamacare 2.0. Another seriously flawed plan, the Republican solution does not bode well for a Party that spent the last 6 years failing to govern.

A huge fan President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, I never supported Obamacare and felt it was the wrong approach from the beginning. Besides being forced on the people, it failed to reduce any costs in a meaningful way and instead gambled on large numbers of healthy people supporting the sick and the poor. It offered no guarantees on cost, made no significant changes to target rising costs, and left intact many industry supported regulations that drive costs.

The Affordable Care Act was a crapshoot from day one and many Americans are paying the price of that losing role today. Sadly, but not surprisingly, our Republican-led government spent so many years obstructing President Obama that they have completely forgotten how to govern. Even worse, after years of voting to appeal Obamacare, they refused to learn anything from its failures.

Just like mandates that everyone has and pays for health insurance, the Republican plan uses a similar crapshoot ideology that if there are more options costs will come down and be contained through competition. What a load of stupidity, what’s the difference? It’s Obamacare 2.0 and not addressing the underlying costs of healthcare: education, malpractice lawsuits,  and taking advantage of the pain and suffering of others.

It takes years to become a doctor. You have to learn everything about the human anatomy. But do you really need to know how many bones are in the foot to become an ear, nose and throat specialist? Our education system has not kept up with the way we provide healthcare. It adds years of costs that could be eliminated by more structured education, geared towards what a specialist needs to know for their area of practice.

The American dream used to be a good job, healthy family and a well-funded retirement. For many in this era of 1%ers, it’s now the hope for a big fat lawsuit. We are a nation of laws that loves to take each other to court. But should we really be suing those dedicated to keeping us healthy? If we got rid of malpractice suits we could eliminate a major driver of healthcare cost – malpractice insurance.

Last but not least, why are drug costs so high? Why do other countries negotiate drug prices, but here in the US we let drug companies stick it to us? It’s a disgrace and clear sign of how our government has failed to protect the people while propping up big business. All new invention (drug/device/procedure) needs to be priced with a cap at a fair percentage of the cost to develop. No one should be allowed to buy older drugs or devices and jack up the price. No one should be allowed to get rich on the suffering of the American people.

Healthcare is not a crapshoot. It’s serious business that needs to be addressed with thoughtful groundbreaking solutions, not “if only” gambles that “hope” mandates or choices will contain cost.