cropped-reedonlogox2.pngWelcome, Dear Reader to my new WEEKLY flash fiction web series, MARCH OF THE TECHNOCRATS. I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a long time now but it was not until recently that I was exposed to the concept of flash fiction. After some tweaks and a bit of hair pulling, I think I’ve come up with something you’ll enjoy reading just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing. Without further ado, I give you Part One: The Call.

Jose was getting pissed. Nothing worked this morning. His TV, cell, radio, nothing. He thought about going over to Mr. Carson’s and borrowing his phone but Mrs. Benson was probably lurking somewhere waiting to jump him for the rent. That gig with Bay Cruises was supposed to last all summer, it wasn’t his fault the captain got drunk and took out half the pier.

Peeking out the window again he finally spotted Matt, but he was on his bike. “What the fuck dude! How we supposed to get to the beach on that?”

Ushering his friend into his garage studio, Jose signed in frustration. “Dude, I thought we were going surfing! Where’s your board and the van?”

“Man, what planet do you live on? Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what? I can’t get anything to work this morning. TV, phone zip. It’s all just static and noise.”

“No shit!” Matt replied. “The Governor declared martial law late last night. California, Oregon, and Washington are seceding. Bro, it’s crazy – looks like we’re going to join with Mexico and British Columbia as a new country. The entire west coast is under a media and communications blackout since six this morning.”


“No, it’s true. Some guy is saying that politicians have failed everyone and that the people no longer need them. No lie there! And get this, he’s convinced everyone in Sacramento that with technology the people can govern themselves. Politicians are being outlawed as criminals of the state.”

“Fuck you, Matt. Do I look like an idiot?”

“Jose its for real, man! I’m telling you this be the shit. Ever since the last election, everyone says things are not right anymore, and it’s all finally hitting the fan. Come on, I’ll show you!”

Stepping outside, Jose and Matt jumped on their bikes and headed for the alley behind his studio. Heading west, they ended up on Sepulveda Boulevard and Matt skidded to a stop. “So, tell me what do you see – anything strange?”

It hit Jose like a ton of bricks, it was Wednesday and there were no cars on the street. Looking around, he realized it was eerily quite for this LA suburb, he couldn’t even spot a single plane in the sky. When he finally spotted movement, it turned out to be the national guard setting up a checkpoint down the street.

“See. The High Technocrat claims he’s taken control of all the electronics. Except for the military’s equipment, nothing is working.”

“This is unreal. It’s got to be some kind of hoax! Who the hell is this High Technocrat anyways?”

The eerie silence was suddenly broken by the sound of a drone approaching overhead. It came to a stop and hovered directly above Jose before activating a hologram of a man he had never seen before.

“I am the High Technocrat, Jose Raul Garcia.”

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