I wrote this last year, firm in my belief no one in their right mind would vote for Donald Trump. Boy, was I wrong! Considering he’s truning out to be as inept as I predicted I thought it might be okay to post this anyways – no more old white kings, I say!
No more old white kings,
puffed up and power hungry.
Full of mine and ours
their soul desire:
that any man may be king
if he can buy the throne.

No more old white kings,
to stand on top in subjugation.
Preening blameless:
conspiring with the faceless
in the twitterings of birds
spreading fake truths everywhere.

No more old white kings,
fostering laws that only take.
Ever boastful:
of stolen accomplishments,
never delivering on promises given.
Sacrificing our rights & freedom’s
for their own selfish gains.

No more old white kings!


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