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Jose could not believe what he was hearing or doing for that matter. Not three feet away was a drone projecting a hologram, the likes of which he’d only ever seen in movies and spouting revolution. It not only got crazier as he thought about it; it started making sense.


“I told you,” Matt replied, pointing at the drone. “One of these showed up at my house early this morning.”

“Yes I did, Mr. Johnson, and you swore to join the march on Sacramento. What are you doing here? Should I alert the National Guard to a curfew violation?”

“No! I’m just here to recruit my buddy, Jose.”

“I see – well then, what do you say Jose? Are you tired of dead end jobs and worrying about being deported back to Mexico? Have you had enough of politicians that say whatever it takes to get elected and the billions of wasted dollars spent electing crooked governments? Are you ready to take your future into your own hands and represent yourself in your own government?”

“Is this for real? I mean, come on – what the hell is a High Technocrat anyways?”
“Your a smart young man Jose and I don’t want to insult you in any way, but do you know what a technocracy is?”

“Well, to be honest, it sounds like the name of a techno DJ, if you ask me. Why?”

The hologram image laughed. It sounded a bit off and both Jose and Matt looked at each other.

“That sounds good to me,” Matt agreed. “My dad tried to explain it, but I got tired of hearing him go on about politics and agreed to go to Sacramento so I didn’t have to listen anymore.”

The High Technocrat frowned, then smiled, shoulders appeared briefly like he had just shrugged. “Not quite the way I would like new citizens to make their decision, but everyone is welcome, all the same.”

“If both of you will check your phones, you will find your browsers opened to a Wikipedia article on technocracy. Basically, what I’m suggesting is that we get rid of politicians. They no longer serve a purpose and I suggest that we replace them with a bureaucracy of educated and skilled individuals capable of developing the solutions our society needs to grow and prosper. With the use of technology, your cell phones, for example, everyone can vote for themselves on whatever the bureaucracy recommends.”

Looking up from his phone, Jose smiled. “Hey, now that sounds pretty cool!”

“But you still have not answered Jose’s question. Who are you? And what is all this High Technocrat crap – it sounds like something from a sci-fi flick?”

“In a word, security. To make our movement possible and secure, we all need to be on the same network and protect ourselves, our votes, from hackers. My role is like that of a CISO, a chief information security officer.”

Wondering if he was making the right decision, Jose decided it couldn’t be any worse than what he had right now – nothing. “Okay, I’m in. What next?”

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