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“Hey, there’s Laura,” April said, standing up in her seat and waving to a petite redhead with dark circles under her eyes and a pale complexion as she boarded before the doors closed.

Laura waved back, then stumbled and clutched at one of the seats to steady herself. When she joined April the two kissed tenderly before April helped Laura sit down. “What did they say?” April asked.

Laura waved off her question and asked instead, “Who’s your new fan club?”

“This is Jose and Matt. Guys, this is my girlfriend Laura.”

“Hi Laura,” Matt replied, smirking at Jose.

“Hey,” Jose mumbled, trying to hide his disappointment.

“Hey, guys! So, she sweep you off your feet yet?”

“Huh?” Jose blurted out, turning beat red. “I mean, no.”

Laughing, Matt said, “Naw, April and I go way back. I know the deal.”

“Cool, I won’t be busting anyone up today then,” Laura replied. A tired smile briefly brightening her face.

“Attention Please. Everyone, please pay attention. I am Tech Leader 19 and it is my job to get everyone on this bus registered and on their way to the Sacramento Congress,” an official-looking older woman in a gray suit announced from the front of the bus. “All of your mobile devices should now be activated. Once you turn them on you will be directed to a registration form and questionnaire before we can leave. Once everyone has registered we will depart. If you don’t have a mobile device, borrow your neighbors when they have completed their registration.”

Eager to be on their way, everybody on the bus activated their mobile devices and began filling out the forms. Everything was pretty standard until they got to the last question.

“What the hell, are they serious?” Matt asked, pointing to the question on Jose screen.

“Is there a problem back there?”

Matt coughed. “Ah, well it’s this last question. Why do you want to know if I have any medical implants and if I would be willing to upgrade in the future? I’m not sure what this means?”

“As you know, the High Technocrat most of the world on some form of a technical blackout. Shutting everything down except life-saving medical devices has not proceeded as planned. First we need to ensure the safety of everyone going to the Congress and second, we are looking for volunteers to test new technology.”

“You mean like the borg?” Someone yelled from the back of the bus.

“I’m not going to dignify that with a response. However, anyone willing to volunteer for the Enhancement Program will get special VIP treatment for the Congress.”

“What Congress?” April asked. “I thought we were going to hear the High-T tell us about his plans for the future.”

“Exactly. A few of our new technocrats have likened it to the Continental Congress of the Thirteen Colonies and the HIGH TECHNOCRAT, has re-christened the event the Sacramento Congress of Technocrats.”

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