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Definition: a state of physical ease and relaxation Usage: Don’t fall prey to comfort, everything wears out in time ~ tjreed

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Definition: the human expression of joy and merriment Usage: laughter a balm for all ills; apply liberally once daily for optimum health ~ tjreed

Definition: the introduction of a quality or state that permeates the whole being Usage: control your darkness before it imbues

Definition: a reformer who advocates that human effort can better the world Usage: While the goals of the meliorist may be noble, it's hard to improve on mother nature; just look around.

Definition: a significant quality that fosters a worthwhile importance or purpose Usage: a life with meaning is seldom tarnished by success - tjreed

Definition: a state of great pleasure and happiness Usage: find the things that bring you joy and build on them

Definition: to make less complex Usage: avoid complex solutions and simplify the problem first

Definition: possessed by or belonging to oneself Usage: don’t shift blame, own the solution ~tjreed

Definition: something accepted as fact without any proof or support Usage: Don't assume anything, investigate ~ tjreed

Definition: the attitude or place from which we view the world Usage: take a good look at your own perspective before you decide to judge someone for their’s ~ tjreed

Definition: to search out for the purpose of discovery or adventure Usage: the greatest of explorations start in the heart

Usage: don't let stagnant beliefs limit your growth, evolve ~ TJ

Usage: don't let anything get in the way of your dreams, your persistence will make them your reality ~ tjreed

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