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Heart Beats, a poem by tjreed I thought, I understood. Then, my heart beats.


The White King, an original poem by TJReed No more old white kings, puffed up and power hungry. Full of mine and ours their soul desire: that any man may be king if he can buy the throne.

March forward, I say not back. Reaching out, discovering another way. Not for Knowing's sake, or even New's. For Tradition's Evolution, past these Darker Days now stepping back to the past, of failed promises for those who need it most. Reach out, march forward toward a future where everyone succeeds and society cares about neighbors having all they need not being judged for what the don't. Unburden yourself from the past ways of kings and prophets, of saviors and charlatans, for Tradition's Evolution.

I Stand - I stand. I stand when I rise, when I go and when I dance. I stand for what I believe in, and against those that won't; I stand ~ TJReed

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